Bring Your Old Shed Back To Life For Almost Nothing

Posted on: 8 December 2015


Do you have an old eyesore shed in the yard that you just don't know what to do with? The answer might be as simple and cheap as spending a weekend giving it a facelift. 

  • Assess its condition. Before you begin trying to rehab the shed, look over it with a careful eye. This inspection isn't really about aesthetics, but rather about honestly assessing the physical condition of the building. Look for damaged roofing or siding, signs of rot or leaning. If the shed is not structurally sound, you may need to remove it and start over. But most of the time, marking down damaged areas and preparing a plan for fixing them will show that the shed has many years of life left.
  • Empty the shed. It may seem obvious, but your first move should be to empty the entire shed. You'll need to be able to see any interior problems, plus this is a good time to declutter the shed so you can make better use of it. 
  • Fix those structural deficiencies first. Holes in the roof? Rip off the plywood and nail down new boards. Add asphalt roofing shingles for added protection. Rip off any rotting or damaged siding boards and replace with new ones. Fill in gaps around edges or windows with waterproof caulking. Tighten screws and replace rusted or hammer popped nails. 
  • Wash it and paint. It's amazing how much difference you can make with a power-washer, some sanding and a new paint job. Power wash both the interior and exterior, then wait for it to dry. With years of dirt and gunk cleaned off, the shed may already look years younger. If necessary, apply new paint to both inside and outside to give it a completed look. 
  • Add storage. Depending on what you want to use the shed for, this is the time to add some functionality to it. If it will remain a storage shed, add some shelving, wall hooks or a work table. If you want to use it for gardening or hobbies, for example, think about what would make you want to spend time in that shed. This nearly always involves more organization and a space to work. Add battery-powered lighting if the shed is not wired for electricity. 
  • Landscape it. Few sheds are built or placed with an eye to how it looks. You can change this by adding some basic but attractive landscaping and hardscaping around the shed. A walkway with solar LED lighting will encourage you to use the shed. A small planter area around the front filled with colorful flowers and a few shrubs will help prevent it from being an eyesore again. Even something as basic as two planted containers -- one on each side of the door -- can help make your new shed look like a part of the family. 

Renovating your old shed is a cheap answer to many problems homeowners often face: lack of storage in the house, a private space to work or a way to clean up all those things scattered around the yard. So why not start on yours today?

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