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Guide To Making Your Home Brighter And Whiter

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When watching popular house buying shows you will see the majority of home buyers prefer a white kitchen and most times you will hear them say this is because it is brighter and more appealing. So if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, it’s a good idea to go brighter and whiter. Here are a few ways easy ways you can do that (or hire a professional like HSA Handyman Services to do it for you). Raise the Roof Yes, this would be expensive to do. However, if you are already repairing a roof on an old house it may be a good idea to throw a little extra money at the project and create cathedral, coffered, or just higher ceilings. Higher ceilings allow more light into the room, which in turn makes it brighter. Paint Everything If you truly want to go white and bright, then consider painting. This means everything, the walls, baseboards, trim, chairs, tables, and frames. It’s best to paint all your trim and baseboards white, and consider painting dark wood floors, and ceilings beams white. However. For accent pieces, choose neutral colors such as grays, light browns, creams, and other earth tones. Add Shine This means reflective light colored back splashes, polished tile floors, and mirrors wherever possible. Nothing makes a light colored material brighter than shine which reflects more light to help make the room appear brighter and whiter. Add Light This is probably stating the obvious, but it can’t hurt to drive home how much light does to brighten and whiten a space. Use lighter, sheerer fabric for your curtains, and add extra lights wherever you can. Pendants and wall lamps can bring more light, while also adding extra architectural detail. Consider the bulbs that you buy carefully because this can make a difference as well. If you like the brightness of the great outdoors, then consider going higher on the Kelvin scale as this will make your light much brighter than your average bulb. Add Texture Speaking of extra details, texture does wonders for bringing the whole look together. After a while, so much brightness and whiteness can become bland and maybe jarring to your senses. Consider adding textures such as bead board, textured cushions for your chairs, and glass bowls that are patterned instead of smooth. Follow these suggestions to help break up what could potentially be seen as a sterile appearance and instead tie everything together to make it white, bright, with pops of color, and architectural appeal sure to be enjoyed for many years to...

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Alternatives To Removing Asbestos-Containing Material

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When asbestos-containing material is found in either a residence of a business, the ideal solution is to remove it. But sometimes that is prohibitively difficult. That’s when an asbestos abatement team can come in. An asbestos abatement team has many ways that they can deal with asbestos, only one of which is to get rid of it outright. It’s important to remember that asbestos isn’t harmful unless it infiltrates the air, at which time it becomes hazardous when breathed. As long as the asbestos can be contained, it’s usually not a risk. Painting and Sealing Away Asbestos If asbestos is inside of material in the ceilings, walls or other structural areas of a property, it can often be painted or sealed away using a special paint or sealant. Multiple coats should be used and care should be taken not to break or damage the asbestos-containing material while this job is being done. As with any job that involves asbestos, the asbestos abatement team will need to wear protective gear, including gloves and a breathing mask. A problem with this solution is that the paint and seal can eventually chip away– requiring future treatment. Encapsulation Coating Encapsulation coating is a special type of coating that bonds to asbestos and attempts to keep it from entering into the air. The upside is that this is usually more effective than ordinary thin paints and seals. The downside is that it is a fairly thick coating that appears like a rubber; it’s not really suitable for interior use, such as to coat over an acoustic ceiling. (In fact, most sprayed acoustic coatings cannot be easily covered with anything except another form of spray, such as a spray paint.) Increased Insulation If asbestos is in an area that is never accessed, such as the attic, increased insulation can keep any asbestos fibers isolated from the rest of the property. As an example, insulation foam can be used in any areas where air might pass through the attic and enter into the home, thereby keeping the asbestos contained.  Though asbestos can be safely sealed away, it’s still preferable to remove it entirely. Investing in a complete asbestos removal is usually worth the money. An asbestos abatement team can tell you more about their services and whether they advise either getting rid of the asbestos or simply trying to manage the problem. It’s worth it to note that there are some environments in which the asbestos really cannot be removed safely — such as if you are in an apartment that connects to other...

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